Pandora bracelet

Pandora bracelet, originally uploaded by Beads by Ingrid. I have made different xcolour beads to go with the other pandoras, so if you choose a different colour to the one displayed here, have another look.

Pandoras are here

I just thought you would like to know that I have a couple of Pandora bracelets I have made in my studio. They are the REAL thing. There are several special bling beads and some of my hand made beads with the very large holes required to go over the actual chain. There are several …


Two Exhibitions on the go

I am delighted to let you know that I will be partaking in two exhibitions in the following weeks. The first one is in Stellenbosch. Taking part in the 30 x 30cm SALE at the US Art Gallery, cnr Dorp/Bird Street starting on 27 November – 8 January. The conditions are that works have to …


Networking Breakfasts

When I was first introduced to Networking breakfasts I hesitated The first couple that I attended were definitely not conducive to increasing my footprint. Most of the people who gathered there were not in the least relevant to my market So I gave them a miss for quite a while, then when this breakfast at …


Intermediate classes for beadmakers

I just thought I would bring to your notice that having attended various courses overseas in the last couple of years, I am in a position to teach Intermediate classes in beadmaking. For instance, there are the techniques of sculptured beads, encased florals, various hearts, and of course borosilicate. So anyone who has had a …