A bit more about my bead making

Once I discovered making glass beads on the torch that was it – everything else flew out of the window, I love the fact that I can create these small original works of art with this lovely material.
BUT once you start you have to finish the item, but with all the colours and different techniques one can achieve so much.
I am quite spontaneous
I felt doing beads would draw me in away from my other glass work, it did but I still hanker after doing my glass murals. It is the glass that is so seductive.
I like to create new designs from the different techniques around, so one idea leads to another.
A last thought on the mattter:

There are a variety of different techniques and tricks you can use to get certain effects, but the challenge is to get the same results on demand. Glass is very tricky and doesn’t always co-operate with your will, but sometimes that’s when the magic happens.


  1. I would like to try making glass beads but dont know were to get the tools etc. I do stained glass but thought it would be good to have a change but still working with glass as it has a magic all of its own.I dont think that there is anyone in the Peitermaritzburg area that would be able to give me a course so if you could recommend a good book maybe I can teach myself.
    Many thanks
    Sandra van Wijk

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