My glass history

I decided to give a list of my past history as I was having a conversation with a gallery owner and they were not aware of my glass past.
I first went to Corning USA to be introduced to the magic of glass. Three day courses were offered and I chose to do Dichroic Glass, Pate de verre and Drop Rings.
After the course I spent some days in Corning where I spent most time at the Corning Museum of glass, a most spectacular place – where anybody with the remotest interest in glass will be entertained.
Unfortunately Corning is fairly difficult to access if one is not using one’s own transport, as one has to fly to Elmira, then take a shuttle to Corning.
I was proceeding to Portland to continue my education in glass so I had to fly to Detroit from Elmira to connect with Portland Oregon.
That is a place I would love to go back to, Glass everywhere!!!