My Glass Resume

The other day I was relating to someone about where I had been learning how to make glass beads. Well I thought I had better put it down in black and white as one has a habit of forgetting the important stuff!
My first class way back in 2000 was in Johannesburg at the Dragon Glass Studio. I then came back to Somerset West and practised for a year before I decided to go to the States to improve on my techniques.
I asked around and was put on to Lisa St Martin in Rockville Maryland. I had a week with her and realised how much I still needed to learn.
On my return I practised again, and later in that year I heard that Leah Fairbanks was giving a class in a studio in Chicago. I met quite a few beadmakers with whom I keep in contact even now.
My next Instructor was Ann Schermo in Virginia Beach – we worked hard together, me to get my techniques right and she getting me to listen! I realised the only time to learn is to take note of the instruction and then go home and practise!
I attended the Best Bead Show in Tucson and took advantage of inquiring about classes.
I then had a class in Tucson with Margaret Zinser, who was a very good instructor. As I was in the area I took a flight to San Antonio, Texas where I took classes in boro with Bandhu Scott and Keith Ivey and soft glass with Sam Hibler at Wired Designs. I had a great time there and the “girls” were so friendly.
Of course I have videos which I watch time and time again. One of the best videos is made by Jim Smircich.
Books are also great and Corina’s book “Passing the Flame” is the best instruction book.Of course one has to read and read and take it in.
I now practise the techniques & styles these days and I realise there is a great deal still to master.
My student today mentioned that litttle do the public realise what goes into making a glass bead