Time well spent


While the Christmas season has been with us, I had the time to go through all my stash to decide, do I want more bracelets or necklaces. Having had one of my necklaces bought off my neck I realise that is what I must do. Make more affordable necklaces, instead of my WOW pieces. I had mentioned previously that I was hoping to get at my torch during this break from the market but discovered I had no propane.
I do not look forward to assembling my necklaces, I much prefer to just concentrate on making the best beads I can and let someone else do the making. We here in South Africa do not have the idea of those bead artists who just like assembling creations with lampworked beads, they prefer to buy the cheaper imported beads. Slowly I hope this will change, but with the exchange rate at the moment it makes importing anything prohibitively expensive. This morning the rand was 10.66 to the $. On my trips to the states to attend workshops I used to indulge myself when going into shops like Michaels etc and stock up.
I also use boro and fortunately I still have stocks of that. I can buy 104 from a supplier here but they have to wait quite a while for their orders to arrive.
Today the factories open so I was on the phone early to place my order for propane.