It promised I would get back to my blog,and here we are. I spent most of today in my studio, adding more styles to my stash. Most of my time was cleaning my mandrels and then dipping them into bead release. It is not a very inviting job but unfortunately it is a very important part of making beads. I don’t want my hard work ending as flower sticks instead of using them in a necklace. I had a very tricky design I was working on and I hope it will work out as I had planned. One of my big problems is getting the bead off the mandrel without cracking. Sometimes the glass that I am using just does not compliment the next layer, so one has to be prepared for whatever the glass gods have sent me. I will have to wait for the morning after the beads have been annealed in the kiln.

Taking photographs for facebook

I am not good at getting nice photographs with my iPad. I have to go thru so many trials. I had my friend Gail giving me a hand. We spent the morning going through all the different varieties. I had to send it to another beadmaker who was also doing the challenge.

Catch up

I realise I have not entered any more additions to my blog. How can I have a blog and not add to it. I promise from now on I will at least enter more items at least once a week. This last week we have had the Hornbills flying and making their odd noises. I …


Frustration  there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for my oxy cylinder to be switched on. Here I am waiting and not knowing when all will be ready for my bead making

A. Difficulty in making special beads.

Way back when the rand exchange was more reasonable, I was able to buy special glass rods. Now with the difficult conditions it is not possible to buy glass rods like boro glass. As mentioned I was able to buy some rods but these days I can’t manage to even buy one rod of clear. …


Glass bead instruction

It is quite interesting that having left Somerset West for KZN I have received more inquiries for glass bead instruction than I have received in KZN. I have given out leaflets to indicate that I am prepared to give bead classes to anyone who is interested. Why I have mentioned this now is because I …


Assembling necklaces

One of the not so interesting sides to bead making is having to assemble the beads into a desirable necklace. I feel my talents lie in making the beads, using all the AIDS in producing an outstanding set of beads  When I,have to” assemble the beads it,takes me a while before I can get the …


Just had a very enjoyable supper of macaroni cheese. After all the Christmas  diets, this is  just a normal light supper.