Durban Visit

Last week I was on a visit to Natal to visit my daughter who was having a special birthday. It was also a chance to catch up on the rest of the family and grandchildren.
On her birthday we gathered at a restaurant where we had breakfast and a real get together with her friends. It was planned to have a picnic, but with the weather being uncertain that idea was quashed!
After breakfast it was decided to visit a private house where the owners had constructed a labyrinth. We all walked around it and did some meditating! Very soul searching!
Our next port of call was the beautiful Makaranga Garden Lodge which has evolved out of a privately owned 30 acre botanical garden. The gardens include an authentic Japanese garden, 18 ponds and waterways, numerous rare and exotic plants as well as an amazing array of indigenous plant life.
After walking around and time for picture taking we settled down to have scones and tea. Delightful day!
What struck me was the change in Hillcrest the area I used to live in. The area has exploded beyond belief. One of the areas I used to know was a farm producing milk, but that whole area has changed into an African Tuscan village! A friend of mine has moved there so we visited them and I was amazed at the change in the landscape! Whole hillsides which were green are now dotted around with homesteads.

No sooner had I got back home when we were off to Worcester to hand in my glass work for the Glass Festival which is being held in the Western Cape this year. I am really looking forward to all the different exhibitions which will be spread around the different venues.