Hout Bay Sea Food Festival

I was invited to participate in the above mentioned festival. I duly arrived having taking such a roundabout route to get to Hout Bay that I never thought I would ever get there. I took the long way round! However I eventually got there and found such a chaotic mess when I got to the harbour that I immediately had second thoughts. The trouble is it was raining. I immediately phoned the Person
who was responsible for getting me there in the first place. She agreed with me and directed me to her shop, which I duly did. We discussed and realised that the weather was against us.
My husband & I went and had coffee – we happened to be sitting next to two ladies who were extremely helpful in giving me contacts.All I have to do now is wait. This is what happens all the time I send out details and hope for the best.
Since being back in my studio and office, I have sent out various emails and have to just bide my time. I have studied various manuals re getting my work in the public eye and I have followed their ideas and suggestions and if someone can come up with a better idea, I have yet to find a better idea.