Visit to My studio/ Anniversary dinners./

I invited a group of ladies from a nearby Retirement complex to view the demonstration of glass beadmaking. My reasoning was that most of the public just have pictures of strands of beads hanging up in a bead shop and have no idea of what is envisaged in the making of a bead.
I thought about this for a while and decided to open my studio doors to certain members of the public to view me on the torch.
The ladies duly arrived and after them having a good look around, I started on the torch. I pulled stringers, made various latticino strands and then rolled a couple of beads using the stringers I pulled to show how I decorate a bead.
I am hoping to have some feedback on their visit as without their feedback I have no idea of how they felt, whether it was an interesting visit or not, so we will see!
I answered various questions and posed other queries to them, Will follow up later.
Another item on my calendar this week was our anniversary dinner. Some friends of ours were celebrating their anniversary close to ours so we decided to join up and have a slap up dinner at one of the finer restaurants. After a celebratery drink at their house, we arrived at the restaurant. The evening was delightful, no wind and everything was in place. We had a good table with a wonderful view of the city and ordered. It took a while to make up our minds what to order. We changed our minds several times and at last we decided.
After dinner we had a discussion on whether we had ordered the right dishes, and all four of us wished we had ordered something else! Not that the dish was not up to standard, but that we preferred something else! We decided the next day that we needed to choose a different restaurant to have a celebration.