At Last I get a crown – in the middle of packing.

When I was awarded the Miss South Africa title in 1953, I was not given a crown like the Miss World winners are awarded these days. I was in the Miss Universe group, there was no Miss World in those days in South Africa.
However today at a recreation of that time, I had been given a special crown through a
recollection of those memories by a very special photographer Angie Lazaro.
We got together in a photo studio down town Cape Town where Angie had created the whole scene, made the crown, made the proteas, and created the Zulu shield, all the fronds of the ostrich feather fan which I had carried off the plane in those far-off days and set the whole scene. (photos in due course) come back again to my blog.
Of course I am in the middle of packing up and sorting out all my worldly goods to move up to Kwa-Zulu Natal. Separating the different glass rods into their own families, is quite exhausting, but of course it has to be done. However I do not know when I will be able to settle down to my torch again. I can only study my various work books and hope to keep a fresh outlook for the day when I can sit in front of my torch again.
I had a appointment with a friend who was coming into my studio this afternoon. I had left the photo shoot in plenty of time, BUT would you believe it, there was such a hold up on the freeway on the way home. We were nose to tail most of the way, The minutes were ticking by, and would you believe it, I got home a few minutes after our arranged time. I
had mislaid her cell number so I could not apologise, however maybe tomorrow will sort this out.