Report Back from Sun City

I realise I have not reported back on my weekend at The Palace at Sun City.
So here goes, we, that is my husband & I were picked up at the airport and as we moved from the plane to the Terminal the rain bucketed down. My umbrella was in my suitcase! I had just had my hair done and the rain caused my hair to go straggly!.
We had to wait awhile for our transport as the driver had to pick up other Miss SAs at Tambo airport, we were at Lanseria.
When we arrived at The Palace, we booked in and were given our keys. The entrance forecourt was impressive, the sculptures on all the furniture as table legs abounded. The animal sculptures were everywhere!
Our room was on the 3rd floor and we looked out an a virtual forest. We heard that the monkeys were not intimidated by humans and we needed to be aware of them, as they could be aggressive!
We had our lunch and then we were free for the afternoon. We strolled around checking out the various halls. We were invited to a cocktail party to meet with all the other guests for the evening. We then had to proceed to the Cascades for a media get together, then a buffet supper!
Saturday morning was the busy day!
We had to be at the main show area to attend rehearsals and in the meantime I had my hair done, After the enormous cost one would have expected to have something spectacular but it was not to be, To cut a long story short, I had to have my hair redone!
We had to be at the dome in our gowns to await the evenings show. It transpired the times we were given were far too early, however the various Miss SAs dropped in to the waiting room in dribs and drabs and we had numerous photographs taken, had interviews with so many different magazines and tv stations. I was also given a wonderful makeup from the head makeup artist. Being in that room was an eye opener, as I did not know the various Miss SAs as I was not in their group. I met and chatted with a few of them, some of them were very friendly and others just ignored me, I guess I was not of their era and they must have been bored with this beauty queen from the past! There were 33 of us celebrating 50 years of the Miss South Africas.
I was in the Miss Universe group, and most of the others were of the Miss World group!
We were led on to the stage on the arm of different male models and had out five seconds of attention!
We then went to our tables where our various escorts were seated.
What I remember most from that weekend was the enormous breakfasts laid on. We could have anything we wanted, from roast duck to sushi or oysters! I really enjoyed that whole weekend – such a different break from my usual routine.
I love my routine, which is taken up by walking in the mornings, then shopping for lunch, then into my studio to sit behind my torch to create my miniature works of art