Assembling necklaces

One of the not so interesting sides to bead making is having to assemble the beads into a desirable necklace. I feel my talents lie in making the beads, using all the AIDS in producing an outstanding set of beads  When I,have to” assemble the beads it,takes me a while before I can get the “get up and go” to produce the actual necklace.  I had an idea before I started making the beads for the necklace I was planning to assemble but  when it came time to get the parts together I seem to have lost that zing. However as time goes by the necessary enthusiasm increases so I feel I will be able to cope. I find the Internet is a great help with all the variety of work being displayed so all is not lost. 

I also find when I have a break when my oxygen tank is empty I can get a bit lazy and I just want to carry on with my reading, until the next  tank of oxy gets delivered.