Catch up

I realise I have not entered any more additions to my blog. How can I have a blog and not add to it. I promise from now on I will at least enter more items at least once a week.

This last week we have had the Hornbills flying and making their odd noises. I have a big tree outside of my bedroom window where the hornbills gather, it is interesting watching them flying from branch to branch and making their funny cries.

This tree also attracts the monkeys as there are a type of nut that the monkeys like. My dog goes crazy whenever he sees them but they just carry on as if they have all the time in the morning.

As for my glass making, I like to spend my spare time in between my grocery shopping, my Facebook trawling, but my best occupation is going through the tutorials. When I could afford it I would go to the States to different instructors, but what a waste of money that was. At least while watching the tutorials on You tube I can go back again if I have missed a point. I would have loved to have seen  John Kabuki and Ron Bearer in the flesh, but sadly those days are gone. 

My life now is centered on my weekly time at Shongweni Market. Apart from any sales I make I find I enjoy the interaction I make with the other stall holders. I also love watching the parade of the different multitudes of the public strolling by. I do wish they would at least look at my work even if they are not going to buy. However I must not complain as I get quite a few members of the public who do stop to look and tell me how beautiful my work is, which warms my heart. All my efforts have been rewarded. I am most grateful that I can still make beads which are admired. All my faculties are in order ! 

My other enjoyment is using my iPad to trawl through the various blogs of other beadmakers. What I miss is the ease of renewing my stock. When I see some of the glass made by the US manufacturers and I cannot afford them due to the exchange control which makes the glass very expensive. However that is the way it is. I used to be in a position when I could afford those special rods of glass, but I just have to put up with it.

I had an article written about me which appeared in The Crest a local magazine, which brought quite a few new customers to my stand. Thank you Brigitta!