Designing with Art Glass Beads

Designing a necklace or bracelet with art glass beads presents some surprising challenges because the beads themselves are unique.
Gather your glass beads and study them carefully. You bought them because they “spoke” to you.
After you have thought about your beads, begin to think about the necklace as a whole.
What kind of overall shape do you want – a rope, a collar or a flat V shaped piece?
How will you space the beads to achieve rhythm? Which beads will add variety? How will they be unified?
Movement is always an eyecatcher! Is there a way to get movement into the necklace with fringe or dangles? Where does your eye go first? What kind of line does your eye follow? Does it meander, glide or dart about?
With these thoughts in mind begin to think about the next phase – putting it all together.
Your first decision should involve placement of the focal bead! Are the beads you plan to use in proportion to the focal piece? Should the focal bead be placed in the centre, or off to one side.
Once you have come up with your design carefully consider the type of cord that will be used.
Colour is another point you should think about.
Cover the table with a towel to keep the beads from rolling. Make a small section of the necklace to see how it looks.
The process of design can challenge both your imagination and skill. Experiment- each necklace will require different methods and materials depending on the beads, design and your own personal taste.